What does business mean to you?

After taking the time to consider your interests, strengths and skills, reflect on this question as you start to consider business as an academic and career pursuit… What does business mean to you?

Business is incorporated into every industry. You may find that your personal interests and interests in the business industry combine well, or you may find that you prefer to keep them separate. 

As you consider what business means to you, What Can I Do with This Major? has a business section that outlines many different majors and industries you might consider. As you’re exploring business, locate professionals who are currently in roles of interest to you through LinkedIn and the Duke Alumni Directory for informational interviews. Check out our guides on informational interviews and networking to get started. 

When you’re ready to talk about your interest in business more, schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor. 

By Meredith McCook (she/hers)
Meredith McCook (she/hers) Assistant Director