Personalize Your Career Hub for the Best Content for You

Your Career Hub weekly newsletter can be customized to your interest areas in two minutes–including upcoming events, sample jobs, and helpful articles/blogs. It is important that you take the 2 minutes to update your preferences to ensure you are getting the most relevant content. You can even choose when to receive it.

Screen shot of personalization choices in Career Hub.

How do I customize my newsletter?

Current Duke Students
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This will allow you to customize the content of your weekly newsletter by choosing career communities, affinity/identity communities, as well as graduate and undergraduate student communities.

What does the newsletter include? Why should I customize it?

The newsletter includes job postings, events, blogs and resources that are relevant for the upcoming week. If you do not customize it,  you will receive limited content as the newsletter is intended to send you targeted updates based on your interests. There is no limit to how many communities you can choose, and you can change your preferences at any time.

By Megan Wilson
Megan Wilson Program and Marketing Coordinator Megan Wilson