How Entrepreneur Mark Cuban Rebounds From Career Setbacks

Recently Fuqua School of Business Dean Bill Boulding interview serial entrepreneur Mark Cuban for a Fuqua Alumni event. Over a lifetime of entrepreneurship and taking risks, billionaire and NBA owner Mark Cuban has rebounded from more than a few setbacks – getting fired from several jobs early in his career, being accused and cleared of insider trading, and guiding his NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks, through social justice issues and even allegations of sexual harassment at the organization.

For many people, Boulding said, an incident like getting fired could shatter their confidence. Those challenges have been tremendous learning opportunities Cuban told Boulding.

“Not for me. It was the best thing that ever happened to me,” Cuban told Boulding. “I learned so much about what not to do, how not to manage, how important certain things are.”

By Greg Victory (he/him/his)
Greg Victory (he/him/his) Assistant VP Student Affairs/Fannie Mitchell Executive Director, Career Center