Employer Spotlight: The Home Depot Pro

In a conversation with Joe Lee, Duke alum ’20, a business/financial analyst at The Home Depot. Joe shares with us his time at Duke and at The Home Depot Pro.

I was a Public Policy major, even though I explored all my options while at Duke. I knew I wanted to use the problem solving skills I gained through PPS as well as the liberal arts education in business. The Leadership Development Program at The Home Depot Pro interested me because it allowed me to work in various departments in the organization like Finance, Sales Operations, Marketing and have training/mentorship from leaders throughout the company.

The Home Depot Pro is the B2B arm of The Home Depot. We are the smaller, strategic wholesale branch but still have the support and benefits of The Home Depot (a Fortune 25 company). The Home Depot recently acquired HD Supply, so we are in the process of integrating two large companies which provides many exciting opportunities for graduating seniors looking to make an impact in their analyst role.

Here’s how The Home Depot Pro describes the Leadership Development Program: “The Leadership Development Program, which started in 2012, was founded as a way to infuse talented recent graduates into The Home Depot Pro (now named HD Supply) organization. Through the Leadership Development Program, candidates will receive rigorous technical and business training, and will select two six-month rotations in the departments of their choosing, during which they will complete one or more high-visibility projects. Previous rotations have included: Financial Planning & Analysis, Merchandising Finance, Sales Operations, Supply Chain, Merchandising, eCommerce & Digital Analytics, Marketing, and Pricing Strategy. Projects range from building databases for internal partners, creating dashboards and reporting for leaders across departments, and developing streamlined processes for onboarding new customers. Following the rotations, candidates choose permanent roles within the company. This program is an incredible opportunity to get substantial, hands-on experience at an industry-leading company, while also gaining significant exposure to upper-level management and making real business impacts. The Leadership Development Program is founded on the notion that, with training, outstanding graduates of any major can have a significant impact on our company. As such, there is no preferred major; rather, we are looking for hard-working, energetic individuals who possess strong critical thinking skills and are willing to learn the technical skills necessary to develop their business careers.”

I would describe our company culture as agile, driven, and flexible. We are a highly adaptive organization that is currently going through an integration to continue our growth and prominence in the industry. We have driven individuals that want to make an impact in the company and grow professionally. With the support of The Home Depot, we are a flexible company that prioritizes personal well-being through great benefits, personal support, and more. A typical work day can be a mix of team meetings to collaborating on various assignments, using SQL, BigQuery, Tableau, or Excel to create reports, and working on projects to create tools to streamline processes for internal and external partners.

I want to leave you/students with a bit of advice, don’t be afraid to explore different companies in different industries! The best way to learn about a company and the job is by asking people that work there directly. No matter where you apply, always be prepared to answer the “easy” behavioral questions like “Tell me about yourself” or “Why are you interested in working here.” The skills most valuable for advancement is critical thinking and people skills.

Apply now in Handshake for the Financial Analyst (LDP) position at The Home Depot Pro [Application deadline: October 18, 2021]

By Monique K. Turrentine Holmes
Monique K. Turrentine Holmes Associate Director, Employer Relations Monique K. Turrentine Holmes