Find Opportunities & Connect with Others Through Slack Groups

Looking to engage with communities online as you search for a job or internship? Using Slack to engage with recruiters and hiring managers, especially in tech, is one approach to try! Slack allows for potential 1:1 communication and communication in small(er) groups. Get started:

  • Familiarize yourself with Slack, if you haven’t used it before! To get started, use the quick start guide from Slack.
  • Join Slack channels and GitHub groups in areas of interest for you. There is not a way to search in Slack for groups, rather it is through word of mouth or by Googling. Here is a list of 400 possible Slack channels that you are able to join to get you started! Consider asking your LinkedIn network about which Slack groups to check out! 
  • When approved and added to the group, introduce yourself. Here are some tips on introducing yourself. 
  • Start participating in the group and engaging with those in the group. If you need advice, don’t be afraid to ask for help after engaging with the Slack group. 

Feel stuck? Set up a chat with a career coach using Handshake! Happy chatting! 

By Erin Carlini (she/her)
Erin Carlini (she/her) Assistant Director, Engineering Master's Career Services & Professional Development