Diverse Engineering Professional Organizations

By Sua Cho ’24

Dr. Whitney Gaskins from the University of Cincinnati shares her views on the importance of diversity in the field of engineering: “It is so important to have diverse students in engineering because we are problem solvers. Engineers work in the world to solve a whole lot of problems from transportation, even education and you have to have diverse opinions and a diverse background which means we have to have different types of people. It’s really critical for success if we’re going to develop strong solutions to have diverse perspectives,” (Why is diversity important in engineering?).

Here are four resources for underrepresented communities in engineering for the students to explore:

Society of Women Engineers

SWE is an organization dedicated to giving women engineers a voice and opportunities within the industry and is passionate about helping them succeed and develop the skills and specialties to overcome various challenges in the world of engineering and technology.

National Society of Black Engineers

NSBE is a student-governed organization that supports the dreams of students and professionals in engineering and technology. The members of NSBE value the desire for engineering excellence and seek to make an impact in the industry and future, symbolized by the burning flame, lightning, and torch in its logo.

Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers

SASE is an organization dedicated to support pan-Asian students in engineering and science, to enable them to fully achieve their academic and professional aspirations. SASE aims to celebrate diversity and prepare Asian scientists and engineers for professional success, as well as encourage its members to contribute to their local communities.

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

SHPE is an organization that supports Hispanic students and professionals in STEM and empowers the Hispanic community to impact the world through STEM awareness and development.

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By Stacia Solomon (she/her)
Stacia Solomon (she/her) Associate Director, Career Readiness