Design Your Life with Discovery & Exploration (Part 2) 

This semester join me as I kick-off the start to a new reflective blog series hosted by the Discovery & Exploration Career Community centering the #1 New York Times Best Selling novel “Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life” by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans.  

In partnership with the Duke University Career Center and “Design Your Duke Journey”, a Sophomore specific half-credit course offered this fall, I’ll highlight a few of the novel’s eye-opening insights regarding career and life design. I promise to not spoil what I’m sure will be an amazing read!  

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Building a Compass 

“We all know how to worry about our lives. Analyze our lives. Even speculate about our lives. Worry, analysis, and speculation are not our best discovery tools, and most of us have, at one time or another, gotten incredibly lost and confused using them.” – Ch.2 , Pg. 29, Para. 3 

Bill and Dave give readers great advice to first construct a life design HWPL dashboard to offer guidance in answering the question “How’s it going?” before building your compass. The components of health/work/play/love are crucial to understanding what brings both energy and focus to your life. Checking these gauges, routinely, grounds you in present reality. As a navigational tool your compass combines a coherent Workview and Lifeview aligned with who you are, your core beliefs, and what you do (work) that matters most. Collectively these tools contribute to your identification of a “true north” in the direction of the life you wish to lead.  

Now, let’s try some of these reflective exercises from the book!  

Reflect on the following questions about “Workview”: 

1. Why work? 

2. What does work mean? 

3. What do experience, growth, and fulfillment have to do with it? 

Reflect on the following questions about “Lifeview”: 

1. Why are we here? 

2. What is the meaning or purpose of life? 

3. Where do family, country, and the rest of the world fit in? 

Reflect on the following questions about “Workview-Lifeview Integration”: 

1. Where do your views on work and life complement one another? 

2. Does one drive the other? How? 

Check out the book using the link below for full-length instructions and more reflective exercises. 

For more information feel free to reference the Professional Goal Setting Guide and Career Development Process for additional reflective questions, activities, assessments and resources or schedule an appointment to speak with a Career Advisor.  

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By Kai Kelley Jr. (he/him)
Kai Kelley Jr. (he/him) Assistant Director, Entertainment, Media & Arts Career Community