Timely Tips for Your Success: Career Services & Professional Development (week of 10/3)

Here is your weekly collection of articles, events, and resources from Career Services & Professional Development to keep you informed about topics of interest to the Engineering Master’s student community. Find Timely Tips for Your Success on Tuesdays and remember to connect with us on MS Teams for the latest news in between.

Job & Internship Search Advice

  • 22 Interview Questions You Need to Nail to Work for Elon Musk – Want to prep for interviews at highly selective tech companies? Practicing for these questions, handpicked by SpaceX and Tesla SpaceX interns, may help you “land an internship with the ‘groundbreaking,’ ‘trend-setting’ firm as well as others.
  • How and Why to Research Your Interviewers – Preparing to meet each person can really help you to feel prepared and to stand out from others they meet. Follow these steps to feel natural in the moment, create a connection beyond technical ability, and avoid offense.

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By Chloë Benjamin (she/her)
Chloë Benjamin (she/her) Assistant Director, Engineering Master's Career Services and Professional Development