Duke Catalyst: What Are You Good At? What Do You Like? What Can You Get Paid For?

“I finished? I finished.” Did you utter these words after that final assignment, that last presentation, that closing meeting, or that thesis you’ve been working on for months? Chances are we all do when we finish our academic journey at …

By KJ Juett
KJ Juett Catalyst Fellow
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Get advice from your greatest resource-Duke Alumni!

By Megan Wilson (she, her, hers)
Megan Wilson (she, her, hers) Associate Director, Communications and Outreach
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Last Chance to Apply to Studio Duke

Apply for StudioDuke, a 2-semester creative lab where you can take a project to the next level with the support of a mentor.

By Laura Coutts (she/her)
Laura Coutts (she/her) Assistant Director, Career Services
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Microsoft University Virtual Events

Microsoft recruiting teams around the world regularly host virtual events to share information about our recruiting process, careers and internships at Microsoft, and pro-tips on topics like personal branding and crafting your resume. Join us to network and engage with …

By Sue Brien
Sue Brien Assistant Director, Employer Development & Relations, Engineering Masters
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10 Jobs That Are Fantastic for Political Science Majors (You Don’t Have to Work in Politics!)

It might seem like a political science undergraduate degree would prepare you primarily for a career in politics. However, there are four million professionals with poli sci degrees—and their jobs range from attorneys to social workers to financial analysts. If …

By Katherine J. Igoe - The Muse
The Muse
Expert advice to answer your career questions.
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9 Things International Students Can Do to Stand Out at Career Fairs and Conferences

International students often feel like career fairs are a waste of time and money. The reason for such disappointment is that, historically, the majority of companies participating at these events don’t sponsor international students and therefore aren’t willing to speak …

By Megan Wilson (she, her, hers)
Megan Wilson (she, her, hers) Associate Director, Communications and Outreach
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5 Instagram Accounts to Follow to Help Boost Your Career Readiness

I admit it — I’m a scrolling fiend. Whether it’s staying up-to-date on news and events, checking up on friends, or simply taking a few minutes (ok… many minutes) to unwind, I find myself on Instagram probably too many times …

By Audrey Fenske
Audrey Fenske Program Assistant
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Twitter user? Here are some recommended accounts to follow about jobs in the Triangle or North Carolina

WRAL Tech Wire is a nice source of information about the local tech and engineering scene, including a robust event calendar and a well-curated newsletter. For example, here’s a piece they just shared.

By Cameo Hartz (she/her or they/them)
Cameo Hartz (she/her or they/them) Assistant Director, Engineering Master's Career Services & Professional Development
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Government and Politics Career Overview

Career opportunities in government – federal, state, and local – are endless. Government employees are scientists, engineers, policy workers, administrators, economists, writers, psychologists, artists, and everything in between. The big plus for working in government is that career training and …

By Jennifer Agor
Jennifer Agor Associate Director, Career Readiness
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Education Jobs within the Federal Government

Are you interested in a career in Education? Do you also have interest in working within the Federal Government? Did you know you could combine these two!? Check out Partnership for Public Service where they offer Career Guides within the …

By Nicole Mitchell (she/her)
Nicole Mitchell (she/her) Associate Director, Career Readiness
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