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F-1 STEM Optional Practice Training (OPT) Extension Expanded to 22 New Degree Fields

Wonderful news from the US Department of State and Department of Homeland Security (DHS)! It’s been announced that the F-1 STEM optional practice training (OPT) extension will be expanded to 22 new degree fields, including economics and computer science, data, …

By Yeng Yang (he/him/his)
Yeng Yang (he/him/his) Associate Director, Global Careers
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Learning the Lingo Beyond Academia

In the first few weeks/months of a grad program, you’re inundated with new concepts and vocabulary – what discipline-specific language should you know? What research tools will you be using? What are some respected journals in this field?

If you’re …

By Laura Coutts (she/her)
Laura Coutts (she/her) Assistant Director, Career Services
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How to Successfully Navigate One-way Video Interviews

You have an interview coming up – excellent! But it’s with an online system where you won’t have the chance to speak with a person – ugh! Check out these tips for how to navigate those one-way video interviews on …

By Laura Coutts (she/her)
Laura Coutts (she/her) Assistant Director, Career Services
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The Art of Asking a Good Question

Asking a good question is an essential life skill. In fact, in October 2020 when searching “ask questions” in the LinkedIn Learning platform, 595 results appeared. In August 2021, there were 745! Results included entire courses on asking questions (How …

By Cameo Hartz (she/her or they/them)
Cameo Hartz (she/her or they/them) Assistant Director, Engineering Master's Career Services & Professional Development
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Humanities PhDs: Transferable Skills And How To Talk About Them

In this blog, Connected Academics project coordinator Stacy Hartman introduces two downloadable documents to help job seekers in the humanities identify their skill sets and describe them in ways that make sense to potential employers.

By Rachel Coleman (she/hers)
Rachel Coleman (she/hers) Director, Career Development and Education
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Scholarships & Grants

Duke Career Center Internship Funding Program for Masters Students

The Duke Career Center’s Internship Funding Program aims to reduce the financial challenges associated with participating in a wide range …

Career Readiness Resources

T. Howard Foundation

The T. Howard Foundation is an internship program for minority students interested in the multimedia and entertainment industry. In addition …


SEO’s mission is to place underrepresented students of color into paid summer internships. SEO places interns in banking, private equity, …

Featured Courses

Creativity at Work: A Short Course from Seth Godin

Seth Godin
You are a creative person. Despite what your inner critic may have told you, you absolutely can solve complex business…

Hands-On Data Science: 3 Sales Analysis in Python

Ben Sullins
Python is a popular programming language in the field of data science, used for engineering and analytics, as well as…

Intermediate SQL for Data Scientists

Dan Sullivan
There is an increasing need for data scientists and analysts to understand relational data stores. Organizations have long used SQL…

Tableau Essential Training

Curt Frye
Tableau is a powerful and versatile data analytics and visualization tool that many consider indispensable for data science work. Its…

Permit to Cloud: Landing with Confidence in Azure

Mike Benkovich
The cloud provides a lot of great benefits for running your applications, but understanding and avoiding pitfalls will make the…

B2B Sales Strategy: Pre-call Prep for Virtual or In Person Deals

Lisa Magnuson
View Lisa’s LinkedIn Newsletter There’s an old saying, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” If you work in…

Azure Solutions Architect Expert (AZ-305) Cert Prep: Design Business Continuity Solutions

Matt Hester
If you’re an experienced IT professional, you may want to consider getting certified to boost your credentials. Passing the Microsoft…

Releasing and Promoting Your Music

Evan Sutton
One of the biggest issues faced by musical artists is how to get people to hear and purchase their music.…

Team Collaboration in Microsoft 365

Nick Brazzi
Microsoft 365 tools like Teams, Planner, and OneDrive are designed with collaboration in mind, yet many users aren’t leveraging all…

Storytelling for Data and Design

Lachezar Arabadzhiev
Stories move people in a way that charts and data points cannot. Instructor Lachezar Arabadzhiev has focused much of his…

Managing Project Uncertainty

Cyndi Snyder Dionisio
All projects have some degree of uncertainty. As a project manager, you need to have skills and techniques to work…

Navigating Ambiguity

Ambiguity causes a lot of problems. Think about it—a lack of clarity in a relationship or a misunderstanding of your…

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Essential Training

Dian Taylor
Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowers users to manage leads, contacts, and data to create streamlined workflows for sales, customer service, and…

Marketing Strategy: Competitive Intelligence

Deirdre Breakenridge
By compiling a competitive analysis, you gain insight into your competitors to identify your own advantage and edge in the…

Project Management Foundations

Bonnie Biafore
View Bonnie’s LinkedIn Newsletter Project management is a set of techniques that anyone can apply to achieve goals and make…

How to Create Your Website Strategy: The Discovery Process

Dana DiTomaso
Looking to build a new website or redesign an existing one? Before you get started, you need to identify your…

Machine Learning and AI Foundations: Advanced Decision Trees with KNIME

Keith McCormick
Every year, it seems, there is a new hot trend in data science. One of the hottest predictive analytics algorithms…

Problem-Solving for Founders

Experienced entrepreneurs know that understanding a problem deeply is the key to solving it. Join MIT professors Erdin Beshimov and…

Exam Tips: Azure Administrator (AZ-104)

Rodrigo Díaz Concha
Cloud computing has become one of the essential skills for tech-related people. If you’re working in the Azure administration space,…

How to Use Rejection to Your Advantage

Macmillan Publishers
1000 characters or less, including spaces Rejection can feel like a gut punch when it happens. But what if you…
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