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What Is a Product Designer?

What is a product designer? It’s someone who designs products, of course. But product designers don’t come up with an idea for a product, sketch it out, then start producing it. Product designers have to consider if their idea is …

By Forage
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BRIC Foundation Launches $3.5M Arts, Media and Entertainment High Road Training Partnership

BRIC Foundation has one main goal: to increase representation in Entertainment, Gaming, Media and Tech. By strategically engaging with leaders across these industries, along with Government and Education Partners, BRIC strives to Break, Reinvent, Impact and Change the foundations of these businesses and create inclusive opportunities for women and underrepresented people to be successful.

By Kai Kelley Jr. (he/him)
Kai Kelley Jr. (he/him) Assistant Director, Entertainment, Media & Arts Career Community
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How Biden’s Executive Order On AI Might Affect International Students

You may have heard about President Biden’s “Executive Order on the Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence” released on October 30th, 2023. The order might help international students who wish to study and work on AI …

By Hal Matthews (he/him)
Hal Matthews (he/him) Associate Director, Global Careers
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Hart Fellowship Postgraduate Fellowship Program

The Hart Fellowship offers recent Duke and DKU graduates ten-month fellowships with organizations that engage complex social, political, and humanitarian problems. This capstone experience helps fellows develop their own vision for ethical leadership as they move into professional life. Since …

By Ängela Bonner
Ängela Bonner Associate Director, Career Readiness
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Dear Pathfinder: Not Feeling Good Enough 

Dear Pathfinder is the Career Center’s Career Development advice column. Have a question for Dear Pathfinder? Submit it here. Catch up on past letters, here.  

Dear Pathfinder, Not Feeling Good Enough  

Searching for flexible remote positions in areas of …

By Jared Smith (He/Him)
Jared Smith (He/Him) Associate Director, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
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