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Do you have an investigative mindset and like solving complex problems? The Science and Sustainability Community includes fields such as Biotechnology, Research and Development, Marine Science, Environment, Energy, Physical Sciences, and Food and Agriculture. This community is for you if you like defining problems, gathering data, and interpreting findings. You may also be curious about analyzing systems, critiquing research, examining cause and effects, formulating hypotheses, and observing behaviors. Join us in addressing issues such as climate change, disease prevention, ocean conservation, habitat and biodiversity loss, alternative fuels, clean water and more through exploring industry specific content and opportunities.

How to Build a Career in Sustainability

Get a head start on the best ways to understand and grow expertise in the sustainability space by reading this article.

Article Summary: There is no unique path when it comes to sustainability. If you are curious about how to …

By Christina Plante
Christina Plante Assistant Director of Career Services
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2022 Clean Energy Prize

The Duke University Energy Initiative, Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative are offering this award of $10,000 to support student-led development of ideas, products, and services advancing an accessible, affordable, reliable, and clean energy future.

By Christina Plante
Christina Plante Assistant Director of Career Services
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Careers for Life Scientists Outside of the Lab

Have you ever wondered what other opportunities beyond academia or the lab exist?

Are you still trying to determine how you are going to use your degree in the life sciences?

Check out this resource from BioSpace to begin brainstorming …

By Michael "Rudi" Rudisill (he/him/his)
Michael "Rudi" Rudisill (he/him/his) Assistant Director, Career Services
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Put a Stop to Post-Graduation Job Search Stress

Graduates who recently accepted their diplomas – or even those looking at graduation in the next year – who don’t have jobs lined up are understandably panicking. They are entering the real world with student loan debt while looking for affordable housing …

By Val Matta - CareerShift
Job hunting & career management solutions
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How to Handle Job/Internship Offer Deadlines

In the midst of recruiting you’ve struck GOLD! Your number one employer has offered you a position! There is just one catch, they’ve stated they need a reply ASAP. Yes, the infamous “Exploding Offer” (noun: a offer, especially …

By Nicole Mitchell (she/her)
Nicole Mitchell (she/her) Associate Director, Career Readiness
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Undergraduate Research Support Office

Getting started with research and not sure where to begin? The Undergraduate Research Support office promotes undergraduate research at Duke …

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How to Understand and Read an Offer Letter

Receiving an offer letter from an employer or recruiter is an exciting time! It means your skills and experience are …

As part of the application process for the Duke Career Center’s Internship Funding Program, you will be required to submit …

Sustainable Business Job Search Resources

Learn more about jobs in the sustainability sector from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business Katie Kross, Managing Director Center for …

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Catalyst is an experience that will help you transition from being a Duke student to wherever life takes you next. …

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Scholars@Duke is a database that helps you look up specific faculty members at Duke to quickly see their research areas. …

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