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How to ensure people don’t feel used when you’re networking with them


Article originally appeared in Fast Company on 3-14-22

“There’s a guy who reached out to me earlier this week, and asked to do a Zoom call with me,” one of my coaching clients told me. They’re in a …

By Greg Victory (he/him/his)
Greg Victory (he/him/his) Assistant VP Student Affairs/Fannie Mitchell Executive Director, Career Center
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Tell us what’s next.

As you wrap up the Senior traditions, don’t forget the one that helps other students: the Senior Survey. In addition to telling us where you’re headed after graduation, the information shared on the Senior Survey helps guide programming and support …

By Catherine Allen (she/her)
Catherine Allen (she/her) Assistant Director, Career Services
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Employer Spotlight: BlocPower

Learn more about this influential alumnus and his start-up that will help decarbonize neighborhoods.

With his clean-tech startup BlocPower, Duke alum Donnel Baird ’03 is tackling climate change by giving homeowners the chance to electrify, beginning in lower income communities. …

By Christina Plante
Christina Plante Assistant Director of Career Services
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Effectively Communicating Your Personal Brand

Adapted from

What exactly is a personal brand? In addition to defining who you are and what you do, a personal brand determines how others—including future employers—will look at you. It’s a chance to put out your message, so …

By Nicole Mitchell (she/her)
Nicole Mitchell (she/her) Associate Director, Career Readiness
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Apply Today to become a Take Off Institute Fellow!

The Takeoff Institute Fellowship program is an 8-week virtual program (totally free to students) that will take place from June through August of this summer. Fellows will work through a series of professional development topics as well as complete their …

By Greg Victory (he/him/his)
Greg Victory (he/him/his) Assistant VP Student Affairs/Fannie Mitchell Executive Director, Career Center
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