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Online applications are an essential component of the job and internship search process. Understanding the opportunities, customizing your search, and submitting applications promptly are essential steps in the process. Keep reading for details on how to:

  • Evaluate Postings and Opportunities

    Spend your time wisely by submitting online applications to roles that align with your skills and interests! While some students exhaustively apply for hundreds of opportunities, we see the most success from those who pick fewer roles, focusing on more customized applications.


    • Read job postings actively to see whether there is close enough alignment. In How to Read a Job Description the Right Way – So You Can Stop Sending Resumes Into the Void on, author Regina Borsellino says, “Take a look at all the elements you highlighted in the job description: the qualifications, the job duties, the company values, the potential drawbacks, and your personal “non-negotiables.”
    • Ask yourself if you match the company’s expectations and, importantly, if the job matches yours.If you meet most of the requirements and the role looks exciting, it is probably worth applying or learning more.
    • Note: it is rare applicants will meet all the requirements for a position. Meeting most is usually enough.
  • Customize Documents for Each Application

    Customization is key for the reader to see your alignment for the role. Recruiters often read a job description and compare it with your application materials to see if there is a match. Many times, companies use an Applicant Tracking System, which is software that uses AI to read your resume, match it directly to the job description, and decide whether to forward your resume to the hiring team. If there is little terminology matching your resume to a job description, your resume will likely be overlooked.

    When you are customizing your documents make a list of the skills, knowledge, and experiences you want to highlight.


  • Search and Submit Applications Online

    Here are tips to help you learn about open roles and track your progress.


    • Continue to design your search and use job alerts to learn about open positions in that align with your search plan.
    • Track the applications you submit and use metrics to measure your success. You can modify your LAMP list to add fields for tracking and check out David Paykin’s job search tracker template as one more resource to integrate into your process.


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