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Azure AI Services Essential Training

If you’re a developer looking to enhance the functionality of your apps, you may want to check out Azure Cognitive Services, which you can apply to almost any platform. Azure Cognitive Services gives you the power to build apps that can see, hear, speak, understand, and make decisions using natural methods of human communication.

In this course, instructor Sahil Malik gives you an overview of the basic cognitive services available in Azure: vision, speech, language, and decision-making. Discover the capabilities of each service as you go, with tips on how to operationalize a wide variety of services such as image analysis, facial recognition, speech to text, translation, sentiment analysis, question answering, conversational language understanding, anomaly detector, content moderator, personalizer, and more. By the end of this course, you’ll also be apprised of cutting-edge approaches to leveraging Azure OpenAI to implement a simple chatbot against a complex topic.

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