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Azure Data Engineer Associate (DP-203) Cert Prep: 3 Design and Implement Data Security

Are you preparing for the Microsoft Azure Data Engineering (DP-203) exam, or seeking a better understanding of how to design and develop data processing? This course, the third in a series, can help you. Noah Gift, founder of Pragmatic A.I. Labs and a Python Software Foundation Fellow, covers how to design and implement data security with Azure. In the first section of the course, Noah covers design for security of data policies and standards, taking a look at topics like designing a data auditing strategy, designing a data retention policy, designing row-level and column-level security. In the second part of the course, Noah covers topics on how to implement data security from a broad level, including encrypting data at rest and in motion, implementing secure endpoints both—private and public, and implementing POSIX-like ACLs for Data Lake Storage Gen2.

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