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Building an Ethereum Blockchain App: 9 Testing Ethereum Apps

Have you wondered how blockchain can help you create applications that offer greater transparency, traceability, efficiency, and resilience while lowering your costs? This course, ninth in a series of eleven, shows you the tools and techniques that you need to test your dApp and fix any bugs that you find. Instructor Michael Solomon explains some pros and cons of private and public test blockchains and introduces a testing strategy that you can follow when writing smart contracts. Michael discusses how to use your Truffle development network to deploy your dApp to a test blockchain. Then he goes into writing tests for your dApp, command-line testing, and JavaScript testing. After explaining how to log errors and activity, Michael concludes with an exploration of how to fix bugs in your dApp.

Note: This course was created by Michael Solomon. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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