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Dart Clean Code: Writing High-Efficiency, Maintainable Dart Programs

According to a StackOverflow survey, 68.8% of developers now develop mobile apps using Flutter/Dart and have shown a keen interest in building more apps with this framework. In this course, Temidayo Adefioye uses instruction and practical challenges to teach you best practices for building consistent, maintainable, and efficient Dart code for large applications. Temidayo guides you through pragmatic coding guidelines, like effective documentation, design, and Dart usage. He highlights SOLID principles in Dart: the single responsibility principle, the open-closed principle, the Liskov substitution, the interface segregation principle, and the dependency inversion principle. Temidayo also goes over Dart DevTools and extensions, then shows you what Dart testing and continuous integration mean and how you can implement them in your projects and software delivery.

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