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CompTIA A+ Core 1 (220-1101) Cert Prep: 2 CPUs and RAM

CompTIA A+ is one of the world’s leading vendor-neutral certifications—with more than one million certified IT professionals to date. Get ready to take your skills to the next level and tackle the second domain of the CompTIA A+ Core 1 (220-1101) certification exam: CPUs and RAM. Join CompTIA expert Mike Meyers as he gives you an overview of the central processing unit (CPU) and rapid-access memory (RAM). Learn what a CPU is, examine some of its abilities, and get hands-on with a tool you’ll need when dealing with CPUs. Explore CPU generations, architecture, and cooling, and go over how to install and troubleshoot a CPU. Dive into dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) technology, capacity, features, and more. Plus, learn how to install, upgrade, and troubleshoot your RAM. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to tackle the second domain of the official exam.

Note: This Total Seminars course covers the topics tested on the CompTIA A+ Core 1 (220-1101 or 220-1102) certification exam. For information on additional study resources—including practice tests, lab simulations, books, and discounted exam vouchers—visit the Total Seminars website. LinkedIn Learning members receive special pricing.

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