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Create an Open-Source Project in Python

For open-source projects, it can be a challenge to ensure development coherence and avoid errors and bugs. In this course, Python community leader Cheuk Ting Ho guides you through the complete process of starting, building, testing, and maintaining an open-source project in Python. Cheuk introduces you to Poetry, a popular dependency management tool, and shows you how to use it in starting a Python project. She defines pytests and goes over how to write simple tests, test with multiple parameters, and test if an exception is raised. Cheuk covers fixtures and how to use them, as well as when it is okay to skip a test. She discusses using PEP 8, Black, linters like Flake8, and pre-commits to tidy up your code. Cheuk demonstrates how to use a tool called tox to standardize your testing, as well as how to set up a workflow on GitHub Action. Plus, she highlights some best practices for open-source projects.

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