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Crisis Communication Planning After a Ransomware or Other Cybersecurity Attack

Cyberattacks are a huge problem, but you can prepare your organization with a multi-faceted communications program to inform and reassure your stakeholders. In this short course, David Oates covers what to do and how to do it. David points out that planning for a ransomware or other cybersecurity attack is just as important as preparing your financial budgets. He explains the impact of cyberattacks and goes over how to communicate effectively to employees, customers, partners, investors, donors, and the general public if you are the subject of a ransomware or other cyberattack. He goes over what to say, to whom, and at what stage of the cyberattack crisis to say it. Plus, David dives into the best ways to evaluate a crisis and continue to train in better communication. Preparing for a crisis communications event like a cyberattack is not only possible, but also crucial to any organization.

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