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Data Engineering with AWS Part 1

Businesses need data experts—now more than ever before. As data-driven decision-making has risen to boardroom prominence, the role of the data expert has become essential to understanding and scaling a business. In this course—the first in a two-part series—instructor Dipali Kulshrestha shows you how to get started on your professional journey and grow your career as a data engineer with AWS.

Get an introduction to the field of data engineering and why it’s so important in today’s business world. Explore a variety of data types, data lakes, data sources, and how to use built-in AWS components such as DynamoDB, Kinesis, and S3 to store and manage your streams. Find out how to leverage the full power of an end-to-end data engineering pipeline, from selecting and configuring ingestion patterns, to storing data for analytic processing with S3. Test your new skills along the way in the hands-on data challenges at the end of each section.

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