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Dealing with Difficult Clients in B2B Sales

Dealing with a difficult client is one of the hardest parts of a salesperson’s job. Challenging clients can derail opportunities, make your job considerably harder, and, in some cases, completely deteriorate your professional confidence and mental well-being. In this course, international trainer Chris Croft joins sales and prospecting coach Miles Croft to provide practical, actionable tips and advice on best practices for dealing with difficult clients. Explore simple, applicable methods to help you deal with challenging personalities. Unlock the secrets to understanding and even improving difficult sales situations, transforming them from near-missed opportunities into fruitful, long-term relationships. Along the way, Chris and Miles show you how to overcome some common customer-based obstacles to make the most of each unique client situation.

This course was created by CRFT Productions. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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