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Introduction to Amazon Braket: Quantum Computing on AWS

Are you looking to get up and running with quantum computing? Why not take advantage of an enterprise cloud services provider like AWS to help speed up your scientific research and push your skills to the next level? In this course, instructor Vicky Seno shows you how to get started with quantum computing with Amazon Braket, a fully managed quantum service from AWS that lets you access many different types of quantum hardware from the built-in Jupyter Notebook with the preinstalled Amazon Braket SDK.

Learn how to quickly deploy Amazon Bracket managed services to code and run your first quantum circuit. Explore the history and core concepts of quantum computing with a brief introduction to some of its most important linguistic constructs. Along the way, Vicky gives hands-on interactive training demos on best practices for building, testing, running, and analyzing quantum algorithms as well as enabling Amazo Braket services like devices, notebooks, jobs, and tasks.

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