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Laravel: Building a CRM with Filament for Laravel

If you’re a Laravel developer looking to stay current with the latest trends, you can’t ignore the flexibility offered by Filament. An easy-to-use tool that lets you build admin panels in Laravel, Filament has extensive support, a wide variety of helpful plug-ins, and an active community of users—plus, it’s been getting a lot of buzz. In this course, instructor Ana Lisboa shows you the basics of building a CRM with Filament in Laravel and streamlining your daily workflow for more efficient web development.

Get started with Filament, exploring everything from installation and configuration to the admin panel and commonly used commands. Learn how to create and edit clients with the Form Builder; utilize the Table Builder, Panel Builder, and Notifications packages to customize your stack. Along the way, Ana shows you how to leverage a few of the available plug-ins such as the FullCalendar plugin and write tests with the testing framework Pest.

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