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Learning GitHub Pages

Instructor: Ray Villalobos

If you’re looking for an open-core, user-friendly way to publish an app or website, GitHub has a lot to offer. Now, with GitHub Pages, you can get your own site up and running in no time, and you can do it all for free. In this course, instructor Ray Villalobos teaches you how to use the standard features of GitHub to build, modify, and publish content on a simple, static website.

Discover the skills you need to know to make use of GitHub and take advantage of its free features. Start with the basics and get to know the GUI, exploring what it has to offer. Ray covers wikis, repos, and content editing with markdown and GitHub.dey, as well as how to host HTML and static websites with Jekyll and Eleventy. Find out why people are excited about the power of GitHub by joining Ray and learning how to publish your own unique app.

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