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Managing a WordPress Corporate Blog

If you’re a content manager, you probably have a lot of responsibilities that fall under the umbrella of “content.” This often includes a corporate blog, which comes with a number of challenges, especially if you’re not familiar with WordPress. In this course, Machielle Thomas covers the aspects of WordPress that are important from a content manager’s perspective, so you can get up to speed quickly and keep your corporate blog up to date and running smoothly. She starts with the basics of logging in, managing users, and the important security settings. She then shows you how to use plugins, and how you can manage and update them to increase your blog functionality. Machielle then covers the most important section for content managers: how to create and post pages, add media, and publish content in WordPress. Whether you’re a content manager who inherited a WordPress blog or a content creator that just wants to understand WordPress better, this is the course to help you get started.

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