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Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB Developer Specialty (DP-420) Cert Prep: 4 Optimize an Azure Cosmos DB Solution by Microsoft Press

Cosmos DB is Microsoft Azure’s flagship non-relational database product. It supports multiple application programming interfaces (APIs) that provide compatibility with competing NoSQL databases. If you’re looking to integrate enterprise-scale, cloud-based, NoSQL databases into your organization’s IT solutions, you may want to think about getting certified as a Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB developer. In this course, the fourth in a five-part series, instructor Tim Warner gives an overview of the skills you need to master to tackle the fourth domain of the Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB Developer Specialty (DP-420) certification exam. Learn how to optimize query performance in Azure Cosmos DB Core API, design and implement change feeds for an Azure Cosmos DB Core API, and design and implement an indexing strategy for an Azure Cosmos DB Core API using tools built into the Azure portal.

Note: This course was created by Microsoft Press and Tim Warner. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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