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Node.js Essential Training: Web Servers, Tests, and Deployment

If you’re looking to deepen your essential knowledge of Node.js, you’re in luck. This powerful tool for controlling servers and building web applications allows you to work from just about anywhere. In this course, instructor Eve Porcello walks you through how to connect with web servers and test and deploy Node.js applications.

Get a thorough introduction to the HTTP module to make a request and build a web server. Learn how to install and manage Node.js tools with the node package manager (npm). Along the way, Eve teaches you how to use WebSockets for real-time two-way communication between web servers and clients, demonstrating how to create a chat application that’s testable and easy to use. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to start testing and debugging Node.js code on your own, using the available tooling to streamline common tasks such as compiling and minification.

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