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Pivoting Your Career to Project Management

When you sit back and imagine yourself in a new career, what exactly do you see? Do you see yourself leading a team or facilitating group decision-making? The future you’re dreaming of today can often tell you what to do. In this course, instructor Oliver Yarbrough walks you through an introduction to the world of project management so you can pivot your career and find a new job in one of today’s most exciting, in-demand fields.

Get tips on making a successful transition, starting with crafting your strategic plan. Discover the secrets to knowing when it’s the best time to make a pivot, how to prepare for it, what to avoid, and how to put your plan into practice to better position yourself for new opportunities. Along the way, Oliver shares his insights on the steps you need to take to become a project manager, from having follow-through and self-confidence as a prospect to interviewing, affirming your interest, and landing the role of your dreams.

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