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Planning a Career in User Experience

Successful UX professionals help improve technology so that it’s more efficient, effective, and satisfying for users. But where does a career in UX really start and what kind of background do you need?

In this course, join UX expert Cory Lebson as he breaks down the various subfields of user experience that form the trifecta of design, research, and strategy—so you can understand the variety of available jobs to find a role that aligns with your strengths and passions. Cory helps you understand job responsibilities as well as the benefits of working full-time for a company, consulting, or freelancing. Learn how to create a more compelling resume and a portfolio that tells a story about your journey as a UX professional. Along the way, gather insights and focused career advice, with tips for recruiters and employers. Get a better understanding of UX through a critical framework that can also help students and those in other professions who are exploring the next steps in their careers.

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