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Python for Engineers and Scientists

This course offers scientists and engineers (ranging from students of those disciplines to experienced professionals) a dedicated, empowering introduction to Python for scientific and engineering applications. Theoretical astrophysicist and Python enthusiast Michele Vallisneri explains how Python can help you become a better engineer or physicist by making your work more efficient, accurate, and agile. Michele walks you through installing Python for macOS, Windows, and Linux, as well as setting up Jupyter notebooks. He explains how you can make Python fast using NumPy arrays, the SciPy library, Numba, and Cython. Michele then tackles ways to ensure your code is correct with tools for symbolic computation, differential equations, interpolation, and more. He finishes up with ideas to make your computational life easier with Python, including JSON, pandas, HDF5, automation with Python scripts, and scientific workflows with Snakemake.

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