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Python Practice: Collections

Want to get up to speed with Python collections, but not sure where to begin? In this course, designed for developers with intermediate-level Python experience, LinkedIn Learning staff instructor Scott Simpson gives you a hands-on overview of the different available data types in the Python collections module and shows you how to use each of them to write more efficient and more reliable code. Join Scott as he takes you through a series of automated coding challenges hosted by CoderPad, the skills-first, technical assessment platform that lets you write live code in a realistic coding environment. Each challenge in the course includes a set of instructions and a couple of code editors that you can use to create and test your own solution on the go. Scott helps you boost your skills as a Python programmer with five specific, collections-focused coding challenges. Learn how to deduplicate and sort a list, work with and transform a tuple, build a set, create a dictionary, and more.

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