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Strategic Business Analysis Essentials

Mastering strategy analysis can help set you up for success in the world of business. It can also help you become a better communicator and a trusted change advisor on your team. In this course, business consultant and instructor Christina Charenkova unpacks the IIBA guidance and shows you how to effectively map out and implement strategic business analysis to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Learn how strategic business analysis identifies, defines, scopes, and prioritizes projects in line with your goals and objectives. Explore tried-and-tested business analysis tools and techniques for leading your next big project or change initiative, with tips on conducting PESTLE analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, MOST analysis, Boston Box, and more. You’ll also learn to make your strategy more sustainable and people centered. Christina gives you a better understanding of what strategic business analysis actually entails—that way, it adds lasting value to your organization.

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