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Synthetic Data as the Future of AI Privacy, Explainability, and Fairness: An Introduction for Data Scientists and Data Executives

The European Commission’s JRC sees synthetic data as “the key enabler for artificial intelligence,” and analyst firm Gartner predicts that, by 2024, 60% of all AI training data will be synthetic—yet many data and AI professionals are not yet familiar with this privacy-enhancing technology. In this course, synthetic data and privacy expert Alexandra Ebert teaches you the fundamentals of AI-generated synthetic data. Learn how synthetic data can help you stay in compliance with privacy laws. Find out what AI-generated synthetic data is and go over its benefits and limitations. Explore how synthetic data can support your organization’s strategic objectives. Dive into ways to assess synthetic data’s quality and discover best practices for getting started with synthetic data and introducing it within your organization. Plus, learn about different ways synthetic data is used, particularly in the context of Responsible AI or Ethical AI.

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