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Tech on the Go: Owning Legacy Software

In your role as a software engineer, project manager, or other tech leadership position, has your competence ever been punished with the gift of a mysterious mission-critical project that works on an old, very important system that nobody knows very well? Do you have a dusty server in the corner with a note on top reading “do not unplug”? What about a project that is multiple major versions behind and reeks of code smell? In this audio-only course, Jon Peck, a director of software engineering, examines a series of real-world case studies of legacy systems and projects that need to be dealt with. Can it be saved with an in-place refactor? What about a bare metal rewrite, isn’t that risky? How can it be evaluated to determine if it can just be turned off? Join Jon for strategies and tales of woe and success in managing legacy software projects.

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