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Using AI in the UX Design Process

If you’re a UX designer or researcher, you’re probably already wondering about the best way to adapt to the new wave of AI-powered tools and workflows. In this course, UX expert Tetiana Gulei shows you how to take a basic design and apply AI to it to streamline the design process and improve your outcomes along the way.

Learn how to use generative AI to assist in product discovery and ideation, such as analyzing user data, creating personas, storyboarding, idea generation, and more. Find out how AI can extend the visual design process when it comes to creating mood boards, generating images, and working with colors, fonts, and styles. By the end of this course, you’ll be prepared to start using cutting-edge generative AI tools to streamline your design process, from initial user research to product creation, while also contributing to long-term design strategy validation.

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