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UX Research: An Audience Segmentation Case Study

It’s often the case that when you try to please everyone, you please no one. The same can be said for any company offering a product or service. Not all customers behave the same way and need the same thing from you. You need to know what resonates with different segments and know how to sell your products or design digital experiences differently. Personalization of products and experiences builds stronger connections and boost customer loyalty, and in this course, marketing expert Sarah Weise shows you how to conduct and apply audience segmentation studies to your own UX and marketing projects. Sarah gives a hands-on look at a real-world customer segmentation project and results, showing you what audience segmentation is and how it informs modern design projects, how to collect data on your audience/customers, and how to interview and poll your customer base. She also explains how to review, analyze, and present customer segmentation data and the personas that result from it.

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