Catalyst /ˈkad(ə)ləst/: a thing or person that precipitates an event.

Before your first job, before choosing your major, before that interview, before you leave Duke, what are you doing to be the best version of yourself?

What is Catalyst?

Catalyst is an experience that will help you transition from being a Duke student to wherever life takes you next.

For Seniors, there’s a lot to expect with your first job and we’re here to help navigate some of the challenges you may experience.

For First Years, there’s a lot to learn from your surroundings but even more to learn about from within. Catalyst will help you gain self-awareness and confidence to make decisions.

It’s a big world out there but your potential is even bigger.

What is involved?

You’ll start Catalyst with a strengths assessment that helps you focus on your realized strengths, learned behaviors, weaknesses, and unrealized strengths. After, you can join a virtual or in-person debrief session to get a better understanding of your results and set action steps. Once you have those steps you can find a mentor from the Duke Alumni community to help you understand how to put your best foot forward your first year on the job. 

Who is Catalyst for?

Catalyst is for seniors and first years looking to define their strengths and get help preparing for their first job after college. Maybe you’re looking back on your experience and struggling to find the best words to articulate the depth of the impact you made or maybe you’re looking ahead, hoping to create a brand for yourself. Catalyst is here for you and everyone in between. 

The secret behind the Strengths Profile Assessment

Strengths Profile identifies which of the top 60 most desirable workplace strengths you do best. The assessment is based on performance which sets it apart from the rest.

Hear it from the professionals, Duke Alumni!

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