Duke Career Ambassadors

The Career Ambassador program contributes to the Duke University Career Center’s mission to support the career development of Duke students. Career Ambassadors make a campus-wide impact by providing guidance to their peers, creating and sustaining campus and external partnerships, serving as career development role models, encouraging reflection and exploration, and connecting students with resources for success in their professional endeavors. Ambassadors’ efforts strengthen Career Center communication and engagement with the undergraduate community.

You can schedule some time to review your documents or talk careers with a Career Ambassador in Handshake–Go to appointments and see their availability.

Career Ambassador Qualifications

Career Ambassadors will be rising Sophomores, Juniors, or Graduate students with at least one year remaining at Duke who enjoy working on teams and pitching in for the good of the group/organization. They will demonstrate good communication and time management skills and be open to giving and receiving constructive feedback to/from peers and staff. Ambassadors offer enthusiasm, dependability, willingness to learn, and openness to new ideas and are willing and able to prioritize a leadership commitment to the Career Center.


Ambassadors will develop advising, leadership, team building, networking, and presentation skills. They will receive personalized attention from a career advisor mentor while making new friends and getting to know the Career Center staff. They develop job/internship search skills and craft a great resume. They have the opportunity to connect with employers interested in recruiting Duke students and make a difference in the lives of their peers.

Apply to Become a Career Ambassador

Career Ambassadors are essential members of the Duke Career Center community. They provide guidance and advice for Duke students on many topics (including but limited to; document development, major exploration, Career Center services and job/internship search, competencies). They are trained in the Career Center philosophy and mission; resources and services, presentation topics, document review practices, competencies and some aspects of student development. The Career Center is committed to the intentional professional development of the Career Ambassadors. We will provide opportunities for each Ambassador to engage in advising meetings and other opportunities to make progress in their professional development.

Application Information

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Sua Cho ’24

Sua is a Psychology/Visual Media Studies major from South Korea and Cary, North Carolina. Her interests include dance and digital art.
A fun fact about Sua is that she can make frog noises!

Career Community: Engineering

Sua on LinkedIn


Trey Hewell ’24
Trey is a Public Policy major from Houston, Texas. His interests include traveling, learning Spanish and wakeboarding.
A fun fact about Trey is that he has a twin sister who is four-minutes older than he is!

Communication Team

Trey on LinkedIn

Brooke Harmon ’23
Brooke is a Computer Science and Stats major from Huntsville, Alabama and Flemington, New Jersey. Her interests include running, reading and cooking.
A fun fact about Brooke is that she has two dogs, a Terrier named Stella and a Yorkiepoo named Simba.

Career Community: Discovery & Exploration

Brooke on LinkedIn



Maddie Menkes ’24
Maddie is a Public Policy major from Bethesda, Maryland. Her interests include boxing and dance.
A fun fact about Maddie is that she has dual-citizenship, Austria and the United States!

Communication Team

Maddie on LinkedIn


Kennede headshot


Kennede Occenad ’23
Kennede is an Economics major and Sociology minor from Hollywood, Florida. Her interests include playing tennis and traveling. 
A fun fact about Kennede is that she has hosted exchange student in her home for six years!

Career Community: Government, Law & International Affairs

Kennede on LinkedIn



Cindy Xu ’24
Cindy is an Economics major from San Jose, California. Her interests include art, weight lifting and poker.
A fun fact about Cindy is that she has seen all 40 seasons of Survivor!

Career Community: Arts, Entertainment & Media

Cindy on LinkedIn



Jason Shang ’24
Jason is a Computer Science and Stats major from San Diego, California and Guangzhou, China. His interests include all kinds of sports and piano.
A fun fact about Jason is that he has never taken Advil/Tylenol or any kind of pain killer! He is also scuba certified.

Career Community: Science & Sustainability

Jason on LinkedIn



Qintian Zhang ’22
Qintian is a Statistics major from China and Singapore. Her interests include tea, viola/violin and ultimate frisbee.
A fun fact about Qintian is that she loves to eat duck tongue!

Career Community: Data & Technology

Qintian on LinkedIn