Careers on Air: Personal Project Workshop for Technical Students

In this on-demand session from Careers on Air with Google, you can sign up to learn more about Personal Projects. Personal projects are a critical component of your skill, experience, and resume development. If you are applying to a technical role, like Software Engineering, you should include a “projects” section on your resume.

Video description from Google:

“Personal projects can be a great way to build or continue honing technical skills, strengthen your resume, or gain experience in something new. But how do you go about creating and implementing a personal project? How do you highlight the impact and results? If you’re just starting out in your CS career these questions can be hard to answer, but we’re here to help! Join Google engineers as they talk through some of the ways you can conceptualize an idea, put it into action, and share the results. They’ll also be offering advice on concepts and skills that are great to focus on if you’re just starting out. We’ll also be answering your questions live! Hope to see you there.”

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