How do you start a mentoring relationship?

Mentoring can help you think bigger, open up networks, and develop skills to achieve your personal and professional goals. Defined as a trusted advising relationship, mentorship takes all shapes and forms. It is a series of key interactions with others where we emerge with new skills, confidence, and knowledge.

Mentoring can range from long-term structured relationships to shorter, flash mentoring conversations. It can begin with a focus on professional networking, or with providing support around identity or to a peer. Whatever form it takes, research shows that the benefits of mentoring are great, and are enjoyed by mentors and mentees alike. These types of initiatives have established outcomes in terms of improved career satisfactionbetter job placement, increased student retention, and enhanced alumni engagement.

Watch this quick video (2 minutes) to learn how to move from a transactional relationship with a helpful human to something more substantive.

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