Start Here–Interviewing Strategies

Interviewing is an opportunity for you to use your persuasion and communication skills to demonstrate your personality, knowledge, skills, and fit to an organization. Organizations employ different kinds of interview formats and questions to find their perfect candidates.

This Interviewing Strategies online course will provide steps and resources for interviewing success.


Practice Interviewing

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You can find questions, learn to answer, practice answering and even get feedback on your responses in biginterview!
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Have questions about What To Wear to an Interview?

Check out our Attire Guide for more detailed guidance.

After the interview:

Send a thank-you note While a hand-written thank you will definitely be noticed, in the interest of time (especially if their process is moving quickly) an email is ok if you have the proper contact information.  If the interview was with multiple people, make sure to include everyone (a personal note to each with a detail about them or their contribution will really make you stand out).

Determine a salary range you expect in case they ask Be ready to answer with an acceptable salary range and a single salary that you’d want to start with, in case they use it for future negotiation.

Use our Negotiating and your network contacts to research salaries

We Know That More Companies Are Hosting Virtual Interviews.  Are you Prepared?