–Premium Account for Duke Students!

Welcome to a Duke University secret weapon: Jobscan! 🚀 Ever wondered why your dream job feels out of reach despite having a stellar resume? We’ve partnered with Jobscan to decode the mystery! Fine-tune your resume by analyzing it against specific job descriptions. 

Jobscan highlights crucial keywords, skills, and qualifications employers are looking for. By tailoring your resume to match each job posting, you’ll stand out against Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and catch recruiters’ attention. Let Jobscan be your guide to unlocking more interview opportunities and landing your ideal job. Say goodbye to missed chances and hello to a brighter career future with Jobscan!

Use your Jobscan account to: 

Build your ATS-friendly resume
Ensure your resume is fully captured by the Applicant Tracking Systems, ATS, with Jobscan’s resume builder. Utilize any of their nine templates to showcase all your relevant skills, experience, and awards. 

Search for roles with Job Feed
Using Jobscan’s internal job board, you can save open roles in your profile and immediately start optimizing your resume to the position. 

Optimize your resume to the job
With Jobscan’s latest editing tool, PowerEdit3, find out what ATS a company is using, and start tailoring your resume to its behavior. Add missing skills and get AI assistance when elaborating on your experience. 

Generate a Cover Letter in seconds
Get a boost from AI when crafting your cover letter using Jobscan’s Cover Letter Generator. Jobscan will craft a cover letter that highlights your skills and experience that directly relate to the job you are applying for. 

Keep track of your applications
Stay organized with Jobscan’s Job Tracker. Keep track of every application, interview, and job offer you receive in this drag-and-drop kanban board. 

Update your LinkedIn profile
Scan your LinkedIn profile to see how well your skills and experience match with the roles you want to apply for. Use the suggestions from Jobscan’s LinkedIn Optimization report to update your LinkedIn header, summary, skills, and experience so your profile can stand out to recruiters. 


Want a deeper dive? View more in-depth tutorial videos to walk you through each feature and how to use them during your job search.

Jobscan Tutorial E-book