NCAA Student-Athlete Leadership Forum

The NCAA Student-Athlete Leadership Forum, created in 1997, has served as a life-changing experience for more than 5,000 student-athletes who have grown personally and professionally as a result of their attendance. Student-athletes selected to attend the forum return to campus with invaluable leadership skills, a refined understanding of the relationship among personal values, core beliefs and behavioral styles, and the support of a close personal network of like-minded peers to provide continued connection and dialogue after the program concludes. This best-in-class programming experience serves as a transformational opportunity for student-athletes and administrators to build a leadership toolkit and develop vital self-awareness that allows them to realize their potential.

What You’ll Learn

Both participating student-athletes and attending administrators and coaches return from the forum with enhanced leadership capabilities that allow them to thrive personally, professionally and even athletically. Participants are assigned to a “color team” with about 30 other attendees, and within those frequent color team sessions, they work in an open environment with trained facilitators to engage in discussions regarding leadership and its many components. They build a family of team members that encourages vulnerability, challenges one another with diverse perspectives, and provides unconditional support during and after the program.

In addition to impactful color team sessions, they feel the rewards of a community service project, learn about the inner workings of the NCAA, and hear from resonant keynote speakers who share powerful stories and teachings. Active learning is a priority for all facilitators and speakers at Student-Athlete Leadership Forum. One of the most rewarding aspects of the program is the participants’ ability to learn and grow alongside newly forged connections who often remain valuable for decades to come. After four days on-site, participants return to campus or conference offices feeling rejuvenated, connected and confident.

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