Nine Domains to Find Your Fit

It is both challenging and exciting to imagine your career options. For one thing, your career is and will continue to be multi-faceted, just like you! Whether you are working on your next move, or figuring out your longer-term aspirations, you will gain traction by fleshing out nine intersecting domains, or elements, that comprise your career.

Spend time with the questions below; each refers to a specific domain related to your personal career fulfillment. You do not need to work all of this out in one sitting, but we do encourage you to put your thoughts on paper. Free yourself to be in the present moment with an understanding that your answers to these questions will change over time. This can be a great starting point for an intentional conversation with a career counselor or member of your Network of Helpful Humans.



In what areas of knowledge, intellectual, personal, experiential, can you claim a particularly strong grasp and find great enjoyment?
What do you want to learn next?
What do you ultimately want to know?


What can you do well?
Among your capabilities, which do you enjoy using?  Which do you prefer NOT to use?
What skills do you wish to acquire in the short- and long-term?


What do you want to accomplish in the short- and long-term?


What are your personal and work values and how do you want them to intersect with your work?
Which of your values do you want to hold in common with the people with whom you work?


In what physical environments do you thrive?
In what physical environments do you struggle?


What types of relationships do you want in your work (with colleagues, managers, constituents, customers, etc.)?
Who do you envision your colleagues to be?


What kind of financial compensation do you need or want?
What sorts of benefits or perks are important to you?
What do you want to learn in your work?
What are the sources of your joy?


Where do you want to be?
What geographic factors are important to you?

Challenges and Barriers:

What real difficulties do you see ahead for you?