PoliCorner is a mission-driven, non-partisan job site striving to make politics more accessible by expanding internship, job, and freelance opportunities for the public.

As a one-stop political platform, PoliCorner brings together passionate political job seekers, the industry’s leading employers, and political freelancers all in one place.

For Job Applicants:

PoliCorner utilizes user-provided professional, academic, and political data points to match you with the ideal job opportunities in politics. With the most up-to-date job posts from top political campaigns, government offices, firms, and more, PoliCorner will help job applicants—at all stages in their careers—break into politics and pursue fulfilling careers in public service.

For Employers:

With data and preference-matching technology, PoliCorner helps employers find the ideal candidates for their organizations. With job applicants from the nation’s leading universities and career fields, PoliCorner is the hub of current and aspiring political talent.

For Political Campaigns:

PoliCorner’s One-Stop Shop Platform features some of the nation’s leading political campaign consultants and freelancers. With the click of a button, political campaigns can find their ideal consultants, interns, and freelancers to help run their campaigns, fundraise, lead social media operations, and more.

For Freelancers:

PoliCorner allows political consultants and freelancers to seamlessly network and find their ideal campaign and political opportunities. Featuring some of the nation’s top political campaigns and organizations, the PoliCorner platform makes freelance hiring easier than ever.

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