Quinncia is an interactive artificial intelligence-based platform that helps you practice telling your story, through building a strong resume and preparing for an interview. This resource is only available for Engineering Master’s students. 


  • Get a resume review on-demand. Go to Quinncia and upload your resume. Just click View Resource below or log in here using your Duke credentials to get started. This tool will help you refine your resume so when you apply for jobs, your resume is more likely to be seen by a human.
  • Practice for job interviews online. Quinncia reads your resume, lets you select an industry, and then creates a customized online job interview. It uses AI to evaluate your performance and gives you feedback to help you improve. You can practice repeatedly and will get unique questions each time. Upload your resume, select an industry, and book an interview 15+ minutes out. 
  • Go the extra mile! 
    • Beat the ATS: Did you know that when you submit your resume online, it is usually read by an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? This ATS uses artificial intelligence to parse your resume, and if your content is not targeted and formatted correctly it is possible no human will ever see your resume! Watch this workshop from Quinncia to learn how to Beat the ATS!
    • AI Interviews Explored: Quinncia Student Workshop for Engineering Master’s Students (56:54): What you learn here can also teach you tips for any job interview. Come learn how our tool, Quinncia, can help you. Quinncia is a career preparation platform that provides automated feedback and analysis for resumes and tailored mock AI interviews. Quinncia’s University Relationships Manager joins us for about 1-hour to discuss the world of video interviewing and how you can prepare for them with their practice AI interview tool! If you have a video interview coming up using a tool like HireVue or Talview, you may find this tool essential!
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