Studio Duke

Learn how to get involved and connect with a mentor for your creative venture!

StudioDuke is a two-semester creative lab and mentorship program providing students the opportunity to take their advanced, on-going creative projects to the next level of awesome. StudioDuke is a program of Duke I&E in collaboration with Duke Entertainment, Media & Arts Network (DEMAN), and Duke Arts.

Students are matched with creative industry professionals (including Duke alumni) for one-on-one mentorship that kicks off early in the fall semester.

Here’s how it works: Project submissions can range from advanced screenplays, films, stage plays, choreography, poetry, comedy, music composition or performance, to fine arts, digital media, and manuscripts — many developed during independent studies and in the classroom.

Submissions will be reviewed by the StudioDuke team to be selected into an annual StudioDuke cohort. Selected projects can be pursued by students as an independent study, an experiential component of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate, or for no academic credit whatsoever.

Mentors: Each StudioDuke student will be paired with a mentor based on the nature of the project, its genre, and the industry expertise needed to shape and refine the creative venture. Student-mentor teams will work together throughout the semester and perhaps beyond to evaluate the creative potential of each project and then to edit, evolve, and elevate the work through creative iteration.

The goal is to bring each project to the point where it is ready to be presented to industry professionals. The StudioDuke team will help facilitate connections, resources, and logistics to support the project. Students will participate in programming aimed to help advance their creative projects and career opportunities.

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