Tell Me More about Healthcare and Social Impact with Doug Hirsch, CEO of GoodRx

Discovering how your vision to enact change in the world can align with multiple industries is no easy task. Imagine combining healthcare, data/tech, and entrepreneurship together to make a social impact.

Our guest for this Fannie Mitchell Tell Me More program session did just that. Join us with CEO of GoodRx, Doug Hirsch, for a conversation surrounding the mission of GoodRx and how it makes a difference across industries and in society.

Co-Founder and Co-CEO Doug believes that Americans should have more ways to spend less for high-quality healthcare. In 2010, Doug tried to fill an alarmingly expensive prescription from a doctor, and decided to shop around for a lower price. He quickly realized that Americans lacked a one-stop destination for prescription discounts and prices. That experience was the spark that started GoodRx.

Doug has spent decades building technology that helps everyday consumers. He was among the first 30 employees at Yahoo!, where he conceived and managed the earliest online communities including GeoCities and Yahoo! Groups. In 2005, he joined Facebook as Vice President of Product. Later, Doug founded DailyStrength, the web’s largest community for people facing health and life challenges. DailyStrength was acquired in 2008 by HSW International. Doug graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University and currently lives with his family in Santa Monica, California, where GoodRx is based.